What Makes Bail So Expensive?

You may have heard of people being arrested and held on several thousands of dollars' worth of bail. Until you or a loved one has to pay bail, you might not ever think seriously about the expense and getting released from jail. To help you understand what goes into setting bail and the best way to cope with getting released, read below. What Is Bail? Bail is a financial payment to the court that pledges the defendant will return to face their charges at a later court date. Read More 

Patient Billing Services

Thriving medical practices often have providers with great bedside manners who are highly recommended by their patients. This great reputation leads to multiple referrals for new patients each year. The office that supports the provider often does not have the tools in place to support its billing needs. Collecting the initial copayment for scheduled appointments or minor procedures is not the final cost. Patients often have a challenging time understanding the amount a provider bills them against their health insurance after the claim has been processed. Read More 

5 Tips For Getting A Car Loan

If you need to purchase a new vehicle, but don't have enough money saved up to pay in full, you'll likely need to get a loan. A vehicle loan is a common thing to have, and many people finance this expense. You'll want to make sure that you're prepared for the loan process so that you get a great loan with a good rate and desirable loan terms. Here are some tips for getting a car loan:  Read More 

Why You Should Consider A DST 1031

If you own rental property or want to invest in rental properties, there are many ways to do so and to make major money in the process, one such option being a 1031 exchange DST.  With a DST, you can defer capital gains from your property. And, when you choose a DST 1031, you'll enjoy many excellent benefits over other investing options.  Passive Ownership While owning property and making money from it is nice, property management is not. Read More 

3 Valuable Reasons To Get Your Teenager A Credit Card

As your child grows up and nears the point of heading out into the world on their own, the value of financial education cannot be overstated. Good money habits learned while still at home can carry over into adulthood and provide the next generation with a solid financial footing. One area of good money habits that many parents overlook is the wise use of a credit card. While some people might find it counter-intuitive to get a teenager a credit card, here are three compelling reasons to do it. Read More