Patient Billing Services

Thriving medical practices often have providers with great bedside manners who are highly recommended by their patients. This great reputation leads to multiple referrals for new patients each year. The office that supports the provider often does not have the tools in place to support its billing needs. Collecting the initial copayment for scheduled appointments or minor procedures is not the final cost. Patients often have a challenging time understanding the amount a provider bills them against their health insurance after the claim has been processed. Here are a few ways that a patient billing services team can help a large or small medical practice. 

Many patients feel extremely troubled when they are trying to sort out bills from their provider. The staff members who answer the telephones or sit at the front desks are often not able to give them satisfying answers. When their issue is not resolved by staff members, the patient may feel upset with the office, which may lead to them leaving the provider. A patient can feel that the staff are making errors on their bill if they don't fully understand their health coverage. 

Hiring medical patient billing services is a great way to outsource some of the administrative tasks. Staff members can simply connect the call to patient billing services for questions and for processing payments for bills. Provider statements sent out on behalf of the office will state the date of service and the reason for the billing. This statement will include a dedicated telephone number for patient billing services, to decrease the number of billing calls received in the office. 

The billing service will also speak with both the patient and the insurance company when there are disputes. Patients who reach out to the insurance company when they feel a provider bill is in error often reach out to the provider's office as well. When this call is transferred to patient billing services, the insurance representative can provide additional information regarding denials and claims that are within the time frame to be resubmitted. The billing office staff has the resources to follow up multiple times on claims that have been resubmitted or paid less than agreed. 

Patient billing services will provide the office with updated software that will increase the number of claims paid on time. The cost of adding billing service will pay for itself with increased revenue from both patients and insurance companies. Take time to receive a quote for services for medical patient billing services, like those offered by Medical Financial Specialists.