Why You Should Consider A DST 1031

If you own rental property or want to invest in rental properties, there are many ways to do so and to make major money in the process, one such option being a 1031 exchange DST.  With a DST, you can defer capital gains from your property. And, when you choose a DST 1031, you'll enjoy many excellent benefits over other investing options.  Passive Ownership While owning property and making money from it is nice, property management is not. Read More 

3 Valuable Reasons To Get Your Teenager A Credit Card

As your child grows up and nears the point of heading out into the world on their own, the value of financial education cannot be overstated. Good money habits learned while still at home can carry over into adulthood and provide the next generation with a solid financial footing. One area of good money habits that many parents overlook is the wise use of a credit card. While some people might find it counter-intuitive to get a teenager a credit card, here are three compelling reasons to do it. Read More 

Time When Hiring A Certified Public Accountant Is Advisable

Retaining the services of a professional accountant can be instrumental as you attempt to manage your complex finances. However, many individuals might not have the experience of previously having worked with a certified public accountant. This can put them in a position of being unsure as to the ways that these professionals will be able to help them meet their financial needs and obligations. When Starting Or Managing A Business Read More 

Growing Your Business By Hiring The Right CFO

When you need to make the most of your company it's important to put the right pieces in place as you expand. Positions such as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) are integral to any small business that is on the rise. By looking into the work that these pros can offer you it's easier to make the right decision and make the best use of your company's revenue. If you follow these suggestions it'll be easier to get what you need from your company, while finding the best CFO and other positions. Read More 

Tips To Help You Prepare To Apply For A Bail Bond

When you have a friend or family member in jail, you might have the desire to help bail them out. This way, they can be at home with loved ones and return to work while they await their court date for the charges that have been brought upon them. If you do not have the entire bail bond amount in full, you will have to turn to a bail bond company for assistance. Read More