Qualifying For A Mortgage: How To Repair Your Credit

Even mortgage products that are designed for people with less than perfect credit will often come with a minimum credit score that must be met in order to qualify for financing. If your credit has taken a serious hit due to poor financial decisions in your past, you may need to do a bit of credit repair before you are able to qualify for a mortgage. The steps outlined below will help you to accomplish this goal by not only removing negative lines from your credit report, but also helping you to add some positive history to this report as well. Read More 

How Can You Avoid Buying A Flood-Damaged Car?

There have been so many instances of major flooding across the country in recent years, and hundreds of thousands of cars have been damaged and declared a loss by their owners. Most of these vehicles are either scrapped or sold at very low prices. But some of these cars may have been cleaned up and put on the used car market without the seller disclosing that they were in a flood. Read More 

The Dos And Don’ts Of Using Payday Loans

The use of payday loans is a highly controversial subject in many financial circles. While some individuals believe that these short term loan products offer a valuable service to individuals who are in need of cash quickly, others believe that payday loans are designed to target low income people who are more likely to make poor financial decisions. While this debate is not likely to be settled anytime soon, the fact is that there are some valid points on both sides of the fence. Read More 

Are You Ready To Retire Early?

Every hard-working person dreams of someday being able to enjoy a long, relaxing retirement. However, over the decades, the average age of retirement has only risen, with the current retirement age being 62. Can't bear the thought of working for that long? If not, then it might be time to begin looking into the possibility of retiring early. Unfortunately, retiring early isn't something that just anybody can do However, if you've been on the ball in terms of your retirement planning, you just might be able to shave a few years off your retirement age. Read More