How To Prepare For An Estate Sale

When someone passes away, they may have a large number of assets that need to be sold through an estate sale. This could be done through a professional estate liquidator or could be handled by an heir. If you are attending an estate sale, you may be able to receive a good deal on an item if you take the right approach.

Find Out the First Day of the Sale

To receive the best deals, you'll want to arrive on the first day so you won't miss out on the best opportunities. There will usually be a line and there will be a limit for the number of individuals who can be in the building at the same time. You will want to be in the first group of individuals. If there is something you want, but cannot afford, you may find that the price has been slashed on the last day of the sale.

Know What to Bring

Some estate sales will accept credit cards, but the majority of estate sales will only accept cash. Do not bring a large bag because this likely won't be allowed inside.

If you are planning on purchasing furniture, you'll want to have a plan to take the furniture with you. Bringing a pickup truck is one of the best ways to take furniture with you. If you are lucky, you might find a piece of antique furniture that is worth more than you might expect. Many estate sales allow you to return for the furniture the next day.

Begin by Scanning the Room

Walk through the room and look for great deals that you can grab quickly. For example, tools are often taken quickly and vintage tools can be especially valuable for collectors. Once you have grabbed anything that excites you, begin looking through the boxes and bins where some great items might be overlooked.

Ask About Anything

Anything that you see in the home could potentially be purchased including fixtures and hardware. Often, a home is stripped of its most basic components before it is then sold. If you're willing to haul away kitchen appliances, these can often be had at a discount.

An estate sale is not the same as a garage sale, and it is not a place where you'd haggle. Instead, you will be working with professionals who will know what each item is worth and when to discount items