Is It Possible To Get A Bail Bond With No Cash Or Cosigner?

Once in custody, it can become difficult to get into contact with friends or family. Without that contact, you might not have the ability to find a cosigner to post your bond. However, you don't necessarily need a cosigner or cash. Both can help a lot, but if you have neither, here are a few things you can do instead.

Request a Release on Recognizance

A release on your own recognizance – sometimes called ROR, or just OR – is one of the better scenarios you can hope for. It allows you to leave custody without needing to post bail. It comes with the stipulation that you will not flee and you will show up at all court appointments.

The court may lay down some other requirements depending on your specific situation. In general, an OR release can become a possibility if you:

  • don't have a criminal record;
  • did not commit a severe crime;
  • pose no danger to the public;
  • and have local ties (such as a job, family, or house).

Even if you don't meet all the criteria, it doesn't hurt for you or your lawyer to ask for an OR release.

Some jurisdictions do create an OR bond – or signature bond – which you don't have to pay unless you violate the stipulations of the bond. Even if there's no specific bond for your OR release, violations become automatic grounds for an immediate warrant and arrest.

Offer Up Your Assets

Many bail bonds companies accept collateral rather than cash. If you have any assets, you can use them instead of cash or a cosigner. When it comes to assets, bail bonds companies typically look for real property and high-value items:

  • Home(s) or building(s) that you have the title to
  • Land that you have the deed to
  • Vehicles (such as cars, boats, and anything large and mobile)
  • High-value jewelry, art, antiques, and collectibles
  • High-value farm equipment or livestock

Really, if you own anything with a provable value that meets or exceeds your bail amount, a bail bonds company may accept it. You will have to give that item, or its ownership paperwork, to the court or bail bonds company. You will get your property back when your case completes.

Speak to a Bail Bonds Company about Other Options

You may have more options available to you than you know. Bail bonds companies do not shy away from helping you to figure out a difficult situation. They may just work something out with you, such as a means of financing your bail.

Just remember to present your personal situation honestly and clearly. Let the bail bondsman know you're open to whatever options can get you out of custody as soon as possible. Click here to learn more.